Short Term Income Protection Insurance

Short-term income protection, also known as STIP, can help you keep up with your rent or mortgage payments and other outgoings if you are made redundant or you`re too sick to work for a short period of time. Read more to find out how you can protect yourself in the short term. What is short-term income protection insurance? Do you need sh [...]

How to Choose Between Saving and Borrowing

You may have decided that you need a saving or borrowing product, but what should you consider when choosing which is best for you? We`ll show you what to look out for to make sure you get the right product for you. Watching the interest rate Other factors to consider Savings Borrowing Watching the interest rate Whether you` [...]

Save Money On Your Mobile Phone

Looking to buy a new mobile phone? Coming to the end of your contract? Take a few minutes to see if you should stay or switch to reduce the cost of your upgrade and mobile phone bills. We also look at hidden costs and whether or not you should insure your mobile phone. Looking for a new mobile phone? Check your current mobile usage and fi [...]

Why It Pays to Save Regularly

If you save regularly, you`ll quickly find that your savings add up and keep growing. Get into the habit and watch your money turn into more money. Make saving a habit Do it on pay day Earning interest on interest How much can you afford to save? What about regular investing? Make saving a habit The easiest way to get you [...]

How Much Does Protection Insurance Cost

Depending on your circumstances - your lifestyle, earnings, whether you have a family - protection insurance can provide an income should you become unable to work through accident or illness. What impacts the costs? What insurance product is right for me? The right product for the right time Take action: work out your options [...]

A Good Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance policies have a host of features - some important, and others less so. Use these simple tables to check what features are a `must have`, a `should have` or a `could have` to make sure you buy the right policy for you. `Must have` features `Should have` features `Could have` features Things to watch out for Further i [...]

Do You Need Income Protection Insurance

No one likes to think that something bad will happen to them. But each year close to a million people find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury. If you couldn`t work due to a serious illness, how would you manage? Could you survive on savings, or on sick pay from work? If not, you`ll need some other way to keep paying the bi [...]

Paying Your Own Way

We all know that moving out of home and living independently means taking responsibility for the costs of everyday living, but what exactly are those costs? We take a look at how much it costs to pay your own way. Yearly cost of living Accommodation Food Utilities Running a car TV licence Help with living costs Yearly [...]

Managing Your Money Using the Jam Jar Approach

No matter what your income or financial situation, it makes sense to stay in control of how you spend your cash. The jam jar approach - dividing your money into separate pots for different expenses - is a great way of making sure your bills are covered and your money goes exactly where you want it to. Before you start - draw up a budget C [...]

Saving money to boost your budget

With household bills rising ever higher, managing a tight budget can be tough. What often throws us off course is the unexpected, but regular saving can help. Step 1 - Identify your goal Step 2 - Work out how much to save each month Step 3 - Get started Step 4 - Watch your savings grow Watch our video to see your tips on saving m [...]