Top 10 February UK Discounts

Post January Sales, who has the best offers on the go? February is a strange month all around. The sales have finished but are not quite ready for Easter. Anyway, back to the list. We have over 1,000 stores on our books, making the top 10 has been no mean feat! There were some brilliant stores who just missed out, we have included a few of thes [...]

Top 5 UK Valentine's Day Offers

Welcome to the Crowd Save Top 5 Valentines Day Stores. Below are our five fav shops who do the best deals and have the best offers every year. 1. Claires - For Fun Start shopping for that perfect Valentines gift, with our amazing range you can`t go wrong! Whether you`re buying a gift or just dressing up, we have it all! Check out all of the la [...]

January Fashion Roundup

Why you should just give up and wear PJs all winter The day after Thanksgiving, you’ve had your fill — and then some — of turkey and fixings. Now the question is: What to wear (or, more accurately: What can you... Kendall Jenner bares her bum in Calvin Klein ad Butts are the body part du jour in the Instagram world right now — just ask [...]

Short Term Income Protection Insurance

Short-term income protection, also known as STIP, can help you keep up with your rent or mortgage payments and other outgoings if you are made redundant or you`re too sick to work for a short period of time. Read more to find out how you can protect yourself in the short term. What is short-term income protection insurance? Do you need sh [...]

How to Save Money On Household Bills

With the cost of household bills continuing to rise across the UK, we`ve pulled together a list of dedicated guides to help you save money. Cutting costs is easier than you think and the average household can save hundreds of pounds each year by following our tips. Reducing your home phone and broadband bill Get a cheaper mobile phone bil [...]

A Good Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance policies vary a great deal, covering different losses and offering different features. Use these simple tables to check what features are a `must have`, a `should have` or a `could have` to make sure you buy the right policy for you. `Must have` features `Should have` features `Could have` features Things to watch o [...]

Contents Insurance Get the Right Policy and Cover

Buying contents insurance? You need to make sure you have got just the right amount of cover - too much cover and you are paying more than you need, too little and your insurance company might not pay out if you need to claim. Types of contents insurance policies What`s the right level of cover? Types of cover Things to check for wh [...]

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car insurance is a legal necessity, but with cover for young drivers often costing more than the car itself, how do you know which level of protection is best for you, and how can you keep the costs down? Car insurance levels of cover Car insurance premiums - working out the cost Comparing car insurance Car insurance tips Car i [...]

How to Get the Best Deal On Travel Insurance

To get the right cover at the right price, you can either use best buy tables or do a bit of research yourself. Think about cover, not just price Too busy to shop around? Try an insurance broker Got some time? Use the comparison sites and shop around Keep an eye on the excess when you compare policies Think about cover, not [...]

How to Choose Between Saving and Borrowing

You may have decided that you need a saving or borrowing product, but what should you consider when choosing which is best for you? We`ll show you what to look out for to make sure you get the right product for you. Watching the interest rate Other factors to consider Savings Borrowing Watching the interest rate Whether you` [...]